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We are your strategic and operating partner to internationalise and grow your business in Europe

By thinking differently, we help you face the future with confidence.

Adopt the survival mindset

It takes courage to fight the status quo. Your organization needs a survival mindset to survive the next crisis. We help you internationalize and implement business solutions as well as internal processes & tech stack. 



Make smart choices and plan ahead



Communicate, act, and sell



Stand out and be unique



The data doesn't lie: be flexible



Streamline your internal processes

How can we help?

Looking for holistic strategy and marketing experts who understand your business?

As strategic experts in different aspects of the business, we bridge the gaps beyond the reach of consultants. We craft sustainable growth beyond ideas on paper. Our precise expertise can also fuel your growth and transformation, harnessing innovation in business models, marketing, and new revenue streams.

If you are interested in understanding how we can create value for your organisation and make your business grow future-proof, we’re happy to talk.

Looking for an external sales team to open new markets?

Enlist our help if you want to open retail channels in Europe, especially for consumer electronics and hardware products.

Looking for a job, internship, or collaboration?

It doesn’t matter where you live. If you’re good at what you do, we should talk. Tell us what you can bring to the table and include your LinkedIn profile and/or resume.

We partner with resilient companies to help them create value for their business in Europe.